Honorary Degrees

Do you know someone who has made a major contribution to academic, regional or national life?  Have you considered nominating them for an honorary degree of the University of Hull?  Nominations may be made by anyone who is a student, alumnus, employee or lay member of Council of the University.

Honorary doctoral degrees recognise exceptional and outstanding personal achievement, stature and distinction of individuals.  Recipients should be considered to be worthy of the award by the University’s stakeholder community, experts in the field and the informed public.  Recipients should serve as an inspiration and as role models for others.

The University values highly the inspiration provided by our honorary graduates as role models for current and future generations of the University’s students.  It is expected that the recipient of an award will address the congregation at the Graduation Ceremony at which their award is conferred and in addition will continue to contribute to the life of the University and its students and staff in the future.

The University is particularly seeking diverse and inclusive nominations that reflect the diversity of the members of the University and its alumni, and the University’s global engagement.

Who can nominate

The Committee invites all alumni, staff, students and lay members of Council to submit nominations for honorary doctorates. Nominations from other proposers cannot be accepted.

Nomination criteria and eligibility

Candidates for honorary doctoral degrees will be considered against the following criteria, and will be expected to have strong evidence in at least one area:

  • demonstrated achievement of academic excellence and scholarship in a field of interest to the University
  • made an exceptional contribution in one or more of the following areas: health, education, science, public service and interest, business, arts, music, culture and sport
  • have an outstanding record of contribution to the University or its communities


Honorary Awards will not normally be conferred on the following:

  • Serving politicians and active partisan campaigners.
  • Serving members of the University Council or management.
  • Current members of University staff simply on the basis of their service to the University.
  • Celebrities merely by virtue of their position as such.

 Honorary awards will not normally be made posthumously.

How to make a nomination

Please do give thought to those whom you have encountered in your own sphere of work and who have made a significant contribution worthy of this honour.

You can submit a nomination using the nomination form. You will be expected to outline the nominee’s links to Hull and to provide a strong case for consideration for an honorary degree.

Nominations can be made at any time during the year. If you have any questions about the honorary degree process please contact governance@hull.ac.uk. 


All the proceedings with regard to the proposal and decisions regarding honorary degrees shall be confidential and shall be not be communicated to staff, students, members of the public or anyone else not a member of the committee, particularly not to candidates. Candidates should not be alerted to the fact that their names have been put forward to the committee for consideration.